Frank R. Keasler is a native born, lifelong “Jacksonvillian”, those people today we call Jaxsons and whom, like Frank, carry a deep love and regard for our City and its people. A man called at 14 to become a preacher or lawyer who pursued a course of higher education in business, accounting and law. Frank earned a B.B.S. in Accounting from the University of North Florida, a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Cumberland School of Law, graduating in the top 16% of the 1984 class with academic awards, SBA service and scholarships and post-graduation recognition, and then earned a Master of Laws in Taxation from the University of Florida in 1985. His greatest life accomplishment is and has been for the last 2 plus decades, being daddy to four wonderful children; Chapman, Grayson, Maddox and Fallan. With nearly four decades of dealing with Federal, State and local governments and their agencies and departments, the successful business, economic, and legal professional service rendered over the same time and a history of guiding clients, Frank garnered a reputation for being a “lawyer who got things done”!

Able to visualize the stage and the play was and is the very unique, if not uncanny, ability of Frank to see the “desired ends” of the client engagement. For Jacksonville, this means there’s a mayoral candidate able to hear and see the desires of its people to see our City alive, prospering and We The People showing the world, a community with their HEADS LIFTED looking to “TOMORROW ADVANCED AND GOING FORWARD”…across all zip codes!

With a heart for people and a character for “doing it right, right from the start”, Frank brings a creative and insightful mind, “on how the world turns” in a free Republic founded on individual meritocracy and capital deployment and return. This is the business mind we need to lead our city and truly gain the full measure owed to the people who fund, or otherwise in which “we” have a hand, a +/-7.5 Billion Dollar consolidated budget.

As Mayor of Jacksonville, new legislative initiatives will be proposed which bring the nation’s attention if not the world, to eye this wonderful City as it implements the vision of a people “… who dream of things that never were, and ask[ed] why not.” With major plans already “architected” into the Federal, State and Local Government legislation necessary to move our city into the 21st century and to create a city where all, every day “SEE FREE LIVE”, Frank is the mayor we need! With ideas for retooling our government administration, our safety net, our traffic systems, our unfettered access to the internet, a true inspiring program for the DCPS, just to mention a few, Frank is the visionary we need to create the changes  which declare we came together so every child, everyday opens their eyes to SEE FREE LIVE!

With working knowledge in complex real property acquisitions, dispositions and planned improvements, sophisticated capital formation, equity and debt financing and capitalization, project modeling, forecast and management, business and enterprise formation, organizational configuration, and operational processes, business rules and workflows, service and supply chains, Frank is the visionary and operational groundbreaker we need to inspire our City to answer Fate’s call that We the People will lift our heads,  join our hearts  together and show the world, a 21st Century City of faith, family and freedom, awakened “today” and each day knowing we will SEE FREE LIVE!

Frank is an avid golfer, an active member of the Church of Eleven 22, enjoys his best friend “Tucker” the family lab-chow mix, stays in shape and loves to cook and grill. Over the years Frank has cooked a 5-gallon pot of his famous slow simmered beef stew delivering it to the Mission House in Jacksonville Beach as his small way of caring for “the least of these” in our City.