Nothing speaks to the character and nature of a City or congregation of people as does their philosophies and actions towards and given to the “the least of these”. As Dostoevsky stated an acute awareness of mankind, “the degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons”.

I believe our City’s light to and across our Nation will be seen brightly and vividly only if we cast its illumination to warm, brighten and change the paths of our poor and homeless and embrace those marginalized and victimize by the brokenness of our world. With an ELEVATE NORTHWEST program which delivers the first ever HUD & HHS “Life Training Township” and “Campus for Sustained Independence” where low income and subsidized housing is an aspect of a “town center” of educational and vocational training, where the students live and, for once have a chance to break the chain of generational poverty. We must stop building “today’s HUD Housing Project” just to create the assured path to a HUD CRIME PROJECT in 20 years! The downtrodden congregated in our inner City “projects” with no vision for escape, wake up every day in a prison of the soul and the soul’s need for escape…enter into the world of drugs and crime we keep building in America!

Right out of the gate, I will be presenting a proposed legislative agenda which integrates Federal, State and Local legislation into a comprehensive approach of TRANSFORMING AMERICAN GOVERNMENT by wholesale changes to the manner and methods we deploy to address all we must in our compassion to and for the least of these. This bent to building “Poverty’s Path Out”-a whole new meaning to a PPO- includes feeding the needs of the poor each day as we build hope in presenting new horizons for tomorrow. With billions of tons of edible food thrown away annually in our country, I will present to our City the creation of A HARVEST CITY…The Least of These Feed with the Hands of the Most Precious of These! Working with our special needs, Foster Care, and Women’s Care organizations and our City’s community of charitable and faith-based organizations and volunteers who endeavor to meet the needs of the poor, marginalized and traumatized, we will create a centralize DIGITAL AGE COMMUNITY CUPBOARD AND KITCHEN. In association with several culinary institutions, we will create the “Precious Hands” Culinary Care Program. By creating a digital link with our area grocery and restaurant chains and warehouse operations, we will be able to plan in advance the resources “coming down the pipe” and everyday see precious hands preparing the commissary food production which will be delivered out to the City’s rescue missions.

A HARVEST CITY will enable for us to find a place of contribution for every single person who has something to give and who needs very much the identity of “family” and the joy of being on and contributing to the “team”! We cannot say we defend and will ardently champion the very conception of life, and then look to life lived out and find no room for the fruit of the womb which demands daily our “tender loving care”. The harvest of our prosperity either contains the crowns of wheat which are normally overlooked, or we will not travel far or long on that prosperous road! Remember, “the humblest [city] of all the world, when clad in the armor of a righteous cause, is stronger than all the hosts of Error.”


!!.It’s time, NO IT’S WAY PAST THE TIME we reviewed the framework of our City’s governing structure and created a Freedom Charter Commission to propose a new COJ Freedom Charter to be approved by our citizens in the 2024 General Election. Such Freedom Charter would establish unequivocally, our City is one of Faith, Family and Freedom, a people of two genders, male and female, living in a Constitutional Sanctuary where shutting down our City in a “declared” emergency-absent the “Governor’s demand”-will never happen at the whim of the Mayor! Absent the Mayor getting 2/3rds of the Council Members to vote in favor of a lockdown of our people and their lives, we are going to live free and unfettered by the control of government. Mankind can no more stop life, than we can catch and hold the wind. Life is but a vapor and its never in man’s hand to control it. Our Freedom Chartered City will declare and affirm our fundamental constitutional rights and state unequivocally absent amendments to our Nation’s Constitution, no right can be taken, fettered or qualified, absent a Federal Court Order declaring the absence of said right.

Our Freedom Chartered City will be one free from the insanity of the age in which we live. We will live with two and only two, genders, female and male and no child will be taught any concept of biology, anatomy, humanitarian or social science which infers any notion that human gender is fluid. The Second Amendment will be held inviolate and the right of our citizens to defend life, liberty or property when confronted with “crime afoot”, will be our way of life. Only In an age of humanism on steroids and demagogues gaining roots like weeds, could we see such illogical and insane theories of life and society “popping up”. Either we establish who we are and what are the foundations of We the People, or we will look like a country gone mad, a people of the cereal box aisle: nothing but fruit loops, fruity pebbles, great nuts and frosted flakes! What a paradox of modern mankind that “in this age” we scour the earth in pursuit of furthering the science of paleontology and in search of antiquities, looking back at tens of thousands of years of the Homo Sapien journey, and all the while “in this age”, living with and in, an abandoned connection to the generations of millennia past.

No part of creation exist today apart from and save its connection to a “rooted past.” If you think life’s not questionable today, just ask the question, “Why is it, we look to the past for the ‘roots of our humanity,’ while we live in a culture wanting to sever the roots of our human history!” We the People of Jacksonville have the choice and chance to stand for a Nation and declare we will live in a community where everyone, everyday gets to SEE FREE LIVE and that we do and will hold fast and cherish above all, Our Faith, Our Families and Freedoms because it is the Charter of We The People, reflective of the constitution within us. WE KNOW MANKIND WAS CREATED IN GOD’S IMAGE, NOT BECAUSE THE BIBLE SAYS SO, BUT BECAUSE MANKIND’S HISTORY IS A STUDY ON MAN THINKING HE IS AND TRYING TO BECOME ONE!


As we move into modern management and delivery of our City Services, we will move to creating the first ever “Drive Right” traffic program where the “connectability” of the age enables a “Drive Right Traffic Management System” to connect us all during “peak times” When we are a “Drive Right City” the “drive to work” and “drive to home” will be in cadence with traffic flow instead of wondering will it ever start to flow! With traffic assembled into directional and destination “platoons” those on the road enjoy the “guide to drive” availed on the automom.net (Mobile Onboard Management) and autodad.net (Driver Assisted Device) applications. Each of these apps will work identically so the dreaded daily commute is now a symphony of cadence driving. In a Drive Right Traffic Management System the stressors of the daily commute are exchanged for “a predictable trip to work” and just another day making my way in sync with the road! With significant discounts in auto insurance premiums for taking and passing the test for a Drive Right License, a whole different scene in rush hour, the elimination of tons of carbon output by eliminating, for certain mitigating  significantly, the world of “stop-n-go” driving, everyone who drives in our City will want to Drive Right!